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Have you heard about a specific job, but not entirely sure what a person does in that position? Engineering Careers: Aerospace Engineer . Biomedical Engineer . Computer Hardware Engineer . Energy Engineer . Industrial Engineer . Nano Engineer . Optical Engineer . Software Engineer . Agricultural Engineer . Chemical Engineer . Electrical

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Optical Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Optical Engineer Optical engineers have seen the light! Light is fascinating because of its dual nature as particles and waves–that is, light acts both like a particle and a wave. Isn’t that neat? Optical engineers study the properties of light to design products such as microscopes, telescopes, lasers, and optical fibers. Optical engineers ...

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Industrial Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Industrial Engineer. Industrial Engineers manage people and equipment that produce goods. They design complex systems for creating these goods with as little waste of material, money, and time as possible. Most industrial engineers work for manufacturing companies. To prepare for this career, students should complete a bachelor’s degree in ...

Industrial Systems Manufacturing Job Description

Agricultural Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Agricultural Engineer. Agricultural Engineers keep the world growing! They apply engineering, science, and technology to enhance the production and processing of the foods we eat. They draw upon their knowledge of animal and plant biology, as well as civil, mechanical, and chemical engineering. Agricultural engineers create the designs for ...

Agricultural Chemical Civil Mechanical Job Description

Nuclear Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Nuclear engineers work in research laboratories and power plant control centers. To become a nuclear engineer, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or chemical engineering is needed. Many jobs also require a master’s or doctorate in nuclear engineering.

Chemical Mechanical Nuclear Job Description

Petroleum Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Petroleum Engineer. Petroleum engineers are searching for gold–black gold, that is! Petroleum engineers are involved with the production of crude oil and natural gas, which we use as fuels. They design and test tools that are used to extract oil and gas from beneath the surface of the earth. Because of the nature of their job, petroleum ...

Petroleum Job Description

Energy Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Energy Engineer. Energy engineers aim to increase energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in buildings and manufacturing processes. They often search for ways to use alternative energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. The field of energy engineering combines physics, math, chemistry, and environmental engineering.

Environmental Nuclear Manufacturing Job Description

Biomedical Engineers - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Biomedical engineers use their knowledge of biology, medicine, technology, and mechanical engineering to solve the complex problems of medical care. Universities, hospitals, research facilities, and government agencies employ biomedical engineers. It’s a relatively new field of study, but many engineering schools have undergraduate programs ...

Biomedical Mechanical Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Carnegie STEM Girls Programs - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Aug 23, 2017  · Despite comprising half of the overall work force, women hold only 25% of science and engineering jobs in America’s public and private sectors. Only 10% of all engineers are women. We need to change that. There are so many careers girls and women can pursue in science, technology, engineering, and math!

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About Us - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 28, 2017  · Despite comprising half of the overall workforce, women hold only 27% of STEM jobs in America's public and private sectors. In engineering and computer related fields, these numbers are even lower. We need to change that. There are so many careers that women can pursue in science, technology, engineering, and math!

Computer Job Description

Computer Hardware Engineer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Computer Hardware Engineer. Computer hardware engineers research, design, develop, test, and oversee the installation of computer hardware like computer chips, circuit boards, systems, modems, keyboards, and printers. Their work has resulted in the rapid advances in computers and the technology that’s available to everyday people. Most ...

Computer Systems Job Description

Chemist - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Meta description preview:Chemists have careers that are anything but “Bohr-ing!” They study the behavior of atoms and molecules, and the effects of their interactions. They find ways to make chemicals useful to us by creating new products or improving old ones.

Chemical Job Description

Data Scientist - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Data Scientists help companies make better decisions, maximize results, and make deeper connections with their customers. Technology has given companies access to massive amounts of consumer data like demographics, buying habits, and geography.

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Cyber Security Worker - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Cyber security workers are like bodyguards for computers! They protect computers systems from hackers, viruses, and information theft. In order to do their jobs, cyber security workers need to understand how computer software and hardware work, as well as keep up with changes in technology.

Computer Software Systems Job Description

Physicist - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Employers of physicists include scientific firms, federal and state government agencies, and universities. Most positions require a doctorate in physics, but a master’s degree will qualify you for jobs in manufacturing and teaching. Read about women who are physicists: Marie Curie. Lise Meitner. Rosalyn Tan. Chien-Shiung Wu.

Manufacturing Job Description

Computer Programmer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Computer Programmers boss computers around…well, sort of. They give computers instructions by writing code that tells the computer what tasks to perform. Clients work with programmers to develop a design idea or function for a computer program. It’s the programmer’s job to take that idea and make it …

Computer Job Description

Zoologist - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Zoologist. Zoologists study animals—the cute, the cuddly, the slimy, the hairy, and the ferocious! They research an animal’s origins, genetics, life cycle, behavior, and diseases. Frequently they collect biological data to better understand how animals utilize their habitats and their effect on the environment.

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Mineralogist - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Mineralogist. Mineralogists know that rocks rock the world. They spend some of their time making sure that rocks are classified correctly. Mineralogists can work in the laboratory where they experiment on the uses of minerals. For example, some rare minerals are used in laptop computers. Other mineralogists spend most of their time in the field.

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Ester Barbuto - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Chemical Engineer. Bio : At her job, Ester is able to meet new people while helping to solve problems that impact the defense of our nation. After completing a B.S in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon with minors in business and German, she worked in three different industries: first food manufacturing, then quantitative finance, and now ...

Chemical Manufacturing Job Description

Computer Animator - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Computer Animator. Computer animators blend art and science to create graphics and animation using hand drawings and computer software. They create the awesome animated effects you see in films, TV shows, video games, websites, and commercials. Major employers include movie and TV production companies, ad agencies, and software companies.

Computer Software Job Description

Joie Marhefka - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Her job also has her writing grants and attending meetings. She likes that working at a small company gives her the opportunity to have many different tasks and a lot of hands-on work in the lab. She said that for this career, it is important to have creative problem-solving and engineering skills and to be able to work alone and with a team.

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Aurora Sharrard - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) After my junior year in high school, I attended a week-long paid (!) engineering program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln that moved me from just considering math into engineering. Also, after working on a lot of construction sites at my first job, I was drawn to sustainability because I knew there had to be a better way to create ...

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Kimberly Daloise - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) What is a typical day like in your job?: Every morning a cross functional team consisting of quality assurance engineering, manufacturing engineering, planning, safety, production leadership, etc. meet to discuss how the plant ran in the last 24 hours. Specifically, we discuss safety incidents, quality trends, and delivery numbers.

Manufacturing Job Description

Economist - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Many economists work for the government or as consultants. Economists working for companies, for example, might help predict the supply and demand for a product, which can help a company decide how to conduct their business. Many economist jobs require a master’s or a doctorate degree.

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Bridget Spitznagel - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Software Engineer, Computer Scientist Bio: Bridget previously attend MIT for her undergraduate degree and Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science for her Ph.D. Bridget says software engineering is an interesting field because it’s always rapidly changing and evolving, but it also has a playful atmosphere and people do not ...

Computer Software Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Ruzena Bajcsy - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) She earned her doctorate degree at Stanford University and is now a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of California, Berkeley. She loves interacting with smart students in her career–a willingness to learn is an important quality in her field! A typical day at her job involves reading and talking to students.

Computer Electrical Job Description

Sarah Topper - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) My parents suggested I consider engineering because it’s a job with lots of opportunities and good pay, but I thought it sounded boring and I was afraid of all the math required. Then I took chemistry and loved it, so I thought about chemical engineering. I did a job shadow for a day with a chemical engineer.

Chemical Job Description

M. Bernardine Dias - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Robotics Engineer. Bio: M. Bernardine Dias is an associate research professor at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. She received her bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College and her master’s and doctoral degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She chose to pursue a career in robotics after writing an undergraduate thesis ...

Robotics Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Kaylynn Bossart - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Kaylynn has a degree in telecommunications for Penn State University and an audio engineering degree from a school in Arizona. From there, she had an opportunity to be an intern at PMI, and at the completion of the internship Kaylynn won herself the job.

Audio Telecommunications Job Description

Jillian Tengood - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Read more about her career! Biomedical Engineer, Chemical Engineer. Bio:Math and science teachers, as well as her parents and peers, influenced and encouraged Jillian through her studies in chemical engineering at Lehigh University and bioengineering at University of Pittsburgh. In her current work, Jillian interacts with physicians, scientists ...

Biomedical Chemical Job Description

Library Scientists - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Library Scientists (aka librarians) are checking books into the future! They expand, manage, and organize the entire library system. Library scientists decide what to purchase for the library collection (children’s books, young adult, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, magazines, movies, music, etc.).

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Carol Parenzan Smalley - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Carol graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a water focus. She says, “My career has become very circular. When I graduated with an environmental engineering degree in 1983, there were few environmental jobs to be found.

Environmental Graduate Job Description

Jennifer Wagner - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Bio: Jennifer is a consultant at Buck Consultants which is a Xerox Company. She went to Robert Morris University where she received a B.S. in Actuarial Science with a Minor in International Studies. Becoming an actuary means passing a Society of Actuaries (SOA) and …

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Ipsita Banerjee - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Read more about her career! Chemical Engineer, College Professor, Researcher. Bio: Professor Banerjee’s research interest focuses on the area of process systems engineering and optimization and their applications in different chemical and bio-engineering problems. She is currently developing novel methods for differentiating embryonic stem ...

Chemical Systems Job Description

Kimberly Schaaf - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Field Service Engineer, Waters Corporation View Website Where did you train for your career? Seton Hill University- B.S. in Chemistry What qualities or skills are important in your career? Deductive reasoning, chemistry, math, customer service skills, troubleshooting, administrative (email, paperwork, … Continued

Paper Job Description

Rose Bernier - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) What types of people do you interact with at your job? Professors, graduate students, undergraduate students, high school students, lab technicians. Read more about her career! Chemical Engineer, Researcher. Bio: Rose is a chemistry research assistant at Binghamton University. In addition to two summers of research experience, she is also ...

Chemical Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Addie Wagenknect - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Co-Founder of Nortd Labs What are your favorite aspects of your job? Travel and constantly meeting new and interesting people. I love being in a room surrounded by people who are extremely brilliant – it gives me so much more to look forward to learning. What do you like to do outside of your job?

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Michelle Underwood - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) University of Pittsburgh, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering. ... At that job, I worked with both rig personnel and office contacts. Where do you work? (office, laboratory, factory, home, outdoors, etc.) I currently work in an office, but I spend time both on the road seeing customers and in the plant working with our product.

Mechanical Petroleum Job Description

Melanie Peffer - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Biologist, Biomedical Engineer, ... She said that the favorite part of her job is “the independence…I set my own hours and work at my own pace…it’s usually a fast pace, but I can still stop and say, hey I want to take a long lunch today and I don’t need to ask permission to do it or clock in/clock out for it.” ...

Biomedical Job Description

Laurie Meszaros - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) I went off to the University of Kentucky, a huge state school of almost 30,000 students. Originally, I wanted to be a chemical engineer and work in the pharmaceutical research industry, but I soon discovered chemical engineering classes were really challenging! I also began to feel a little overwhelmed at such a big university.

Chemical Job Description

Alycia Weinberger - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Her job requires her to strike a balance between community service, like peer review of proposals and papers, long-term planning, and producing results in the here and now. However, she also gets to travel a lot, to go to different telescopes, as well as attend various scientific conferences!

Paper Job Description

Ann Hornschemeier Cardiff - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Ann went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in physics and math from Drake University, and then a master’s degree and doctorate degree in astrophysics from Penn State University. As chief scientist of NASA’s high energy astrophysics and cosmology program, Ann interacts with a lot of scientists from different disciplines, budget and ...

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Debra Wilson - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Collection Assistant, Section of Minerals. Where did you train for your job? I have a B.A. degree from Grand Valley State University but most of the knowledge for my career came from hands on training by immersing myself in the mineral collecting hobby, going to gem & mineral shows, volunteering at the museum, collecting in the field (known as rock hounding), and learning from other mineral ...

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Nicole McMillan - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Chemical Engineer , Researcher. Bio: Nicole graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. During her time there, she worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics department. She found that the material she learned while studying for her degree complemented ...

Chemical Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Rear Admiral CJ Jaynes - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Mathematician. Bio: Rear Admiral CJ Jaynes is a Program Executive Officer in the United States Navy. She has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Norwich University, and a Systems Engineering Certification from CalTech. Although Rear Admiral Jaynes never thought that she would major ...

Systems Job Description

Denise Erin Moon - Carnegie STEM Girls

Posted: (52 years ago) Scientist 2, ChemImage Sensor Systems . What qualities or skills are important for this career? Problem solving and being able to think and act outside your comfort zone, being able to accept new ideas and learn something new every day keeps me happy and thriving. What are your favorite aspects of your job? Helping build new instruments that keep people safe.

Systems Job Description