How To Become An Engineer In Texas - TX | Engineering Jobs

The state is second in three sectors: Internet and telecommunications services (114,800 jobs), engineering services (92,800 jobs), and semiconductor manufacturing (28,400 jobs). Consulting engineering in Texas is represented by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Texas , a membership organization with over 325 member firms that

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Green Engineering Jobs and an Explanation of Sustainable ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Green Engineering Jobs. Jobs in green engineering can include green project management, green energy, green buildings and construction, green product design, and green manufacturing. Engineers may take on jobs such as: Designing energy-efficient buildings and improving the efficiency of existing buildings

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Find Information on Marine Engineering Jobs and Salary ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Marine engineering jobs involve the design, building, and maintenance of the mechanical systems, such as engines, turbines, and steering systems, of boats and ships ranging from aircraft carriers and submarines, to tankers and cargo ships, to …

Marine Mechanical Systems Job Description

Information on Contracting Engineering Jobs and Salary ...

Posted: (52 years ago) For example, overseas contract engineering jobs in the oil and gas industry are common. Overseas jobs (and possibly some domestic ones that require travel) may include both an hourly rate and a per diem for the engineer. The advantage of this arrangement is that the per diem is non-taxable income.

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Field Engineer Job Description Including Salary Data

Posted: (52 years ago) Other Field Engineer Jobs In many industries, field engineers provide technical support for a company’s products onsite at the customer’s location. Software companies, medical device companies, aerospace companies, telecommunications companies, and many more all have field engineers to support their products.

Aerospace Software Telecommunications Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in Louisiana - LA | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Louisiana Engineering Job and Salary Data. In addition to jobs in the oil and gas industry, jobs for engineers are available in Louisiana’s thriving advanced manufacturing industry, which produces products for aerospace, automotive, composites, durable goods, and shipbuilding. The state also has a growing digital media and software industry ...

Aerospace Automotive Software Manufacturing Job Description

Aerospace Engineering Careers and Salary Survey Results

Posted: (52 years ago) Aerospace Engineer Job Description. Aerospace engineering jobs involve designing, building, and testing aircraft, space vehicles, satellites, missiles, and other flight-related products. These engineers work mostly in analysis and design, manufacturing, and research and development. Aerospace engineering jobs encompass both aeronautical ...

Aerospace Vehicle Manufacturing Job Description

Automation Engineer Salary and Jobs

Posted: (52 years ago) The job function with the highest average pay was engineering management, at $132,720, followed by consulting engineering, at $124,290. The survey found that more than 71% of respondents had a college degree or higher, with 35.1 percent holding a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

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How to Become an Engineer in Idaho - ID | Engineering Jobs ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Graduate-prepared engineers in a number of disciplines, including industrial engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering, among others, are therefore likely to find a wealth of job opportunities in Idaho.

Civil Electrical Environmental Industrial Graduate Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in South Carolina - SC ...

Posted: (52 years ago) South Carolina Engineering Job and Salary Expectations. Here’s a list of the number of engineers in various fields, as of May 2011, and their mean annual salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 5,860 Mechanical Engineers ($85,100) 5,150 Civil Engineers ($75,130) 4,780 Industrial Engineers ($74,770)

Civil Industrial Mechanical Job Description

Controls Engineer Salary and Jobs

Posted: (52 years ago) Controls engineers can work in a number of different areas, including: 1. Automotive systems 2. Computer-aided control system analysis and design 3. Computer communication systems 4. Control in mining and metallurgy 5. Control of smart materials, such as piezoelectrics and electroactive polymers, 6. Control of manufacturing processes and machinery, including the implementation and support of lean manufacturing practices 7. Control of transportation …

Automotive Computer Transport Systems Manufacturing Mining Job Description

Traffic Engineer Jobs and Salary Data

Posted: (52 years ago) Traffic engineering jobs involve researching, designing, and managing roadway traffic systems to promote the safe and efficient flow of traffic. Traffic engineers are specialized engineers within the field of transportation engineering who concern themselves with things such as: Access management (how vehicles enter and leave the roadways)

Transport Vehicle Systems Job Description

Robotics Engineer Job Description -

Posted: (52 years ago) The job description of a robotics engineer may also include putting together cost proposals, efficiency studies, and quality control reports. Careers in Robotic Engineering. Areas in which a robotics engineer might work include: Autonomous vehicle technologies for use in agriculture, construction, mining, and defense;

Vehicle Robotics Mining Job Description

Optical Engineering Job Description

Posted: (52 years ago) Optical engineering jobs involve taking the principles of optics (the study and application of light) and combining them with engineering knowledge to develop practical instruments that use light. A few examples of the applications of optical engineering include: Astronomical instrumentation; Biomedical instrumentation; Compact disc players

Biomedical Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in Oklahoma - OK | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Oklahoma’s Engineering Job Market. Oklahoma has more petroleum engineers (3,090 in 2011) than any other type of engineer and is the state with the second highest number of petroleum engineers, after only Texas. These engineers are also by far the highest paid in the state, with an annual mean salary of $146,770 in 2011, according to the ...

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How to Become an Engineer in Illinois - IL | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) All engineering licenses are renewed on November 30 th of every odd-numbered year. All professional engineers must complete at least 30 professional development hours during this two-year period to qualify for renewal. Engineering Job Market in Illinois. The largest engineering disciplines in Illinois, in terms of 2010 employment, included:

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Description of RF Engineering Jobs and Salary Expectations

Posted: (52 years ago) RF engineering jobs require an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, physics, and general electronics theory (including static electromagnetics, dynamic electromagnetics, and wave theory). The common route to becoming an RF engineer is to get at least a bachelor’s degree in electrical (or perhaps electronics) engineering.

Electrical Electronics Job Description

Career and Salary Data on Clinical Engineering Jobs

Posted: (52 years ago) Clinical Engineering Job Duties. Clinical engineers often serve as technology managers for medical equipment systems to ensure that all equipment is safe and effective. Many clinical engineers work in hospitals, where responsibilities may include: Managing finances, budgets, service contracts, and/or procurement ...

Contract Systems Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in Hawaii - HI | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) All engineering licenses in Hawaii are renewed on April 30 th of every even-numbered year. Hawaii’s Engineering Job Market. The largest employers in Hawaii, according to Hawaii’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, many of which employ engineers in key positions, include: (Based on 2011 gross annual sales)

Industrial Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in Alabama - AL | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Job Opportunities for Graduate Engineering Degree Holders in Alabama. Once professionally licensed, engineers in Alabama have a wide variety of choices for employment, based upon an applicant’s engineering specialization. Potential employers are culled from the private sector, public sector and government. They include: Continental Motors, Mobile

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How to Become an Engineer in Virginia - VA | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) And, The Virginia Engineer, a magazine focused on engineering in Virginia, maintains a Directory of Consulting Engineering Services. Information technology is a top Virginia industry, with more than 13,000 IT companies providing more that 280,000 jobs in areas including software development, fiber optics, and advanced communications.

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Career and Salary Information for Agricultural Engineers

Posted: (52 years ago) Jobs in agricultural engineering include working with conventional farming crops on land, as well as aquaculture (raising food in water), food processing, biofuel development, conservation, forestry, and planning animal environments. Agricultural Engineer Job Description. Agricultural engineers may take on a variety of job responsibilities ...

Agricultural Job Description

Learn About Nuclear Engineering Jobs, Salary Data and How ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Nuclear Engineer Job Description. About one-third of nuclear engineers work in the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and the second largest employer is the federal government for positions in regulatory agencies, research labs, and defense operations.

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Description of Reservoir Engineer Jobs, Including Salary Data

Posted: (52 years ago) An oil or gas reservoir is a large layer of porous rock, which may be miles long and wide, and that contains oil or gas. When an oil company discovers a reservoir, it’s the job of the reservoir engineer to help decide how the oil will be taken from the rocks (called recovery processes) and the number of wells to drill in the reservoir.

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How to Become an Engineer in Vermont - VT | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Vermont Engineering Job and Salary Data. Here’s a list of the number of Vermont engineers in various fields, as of May 2011, and their mean annual salaries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 870 Software Developers, Applications ($80,530) 680 Software Developers, Systems Software ($90,490) 400 Industrial Engineers ($72,910)

Industrial Software Systems Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in Minnesota - MN | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) To become licensed as a professional engineer in Minnesota, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.) accredited engineering program. Engineering licenses are renewed on June 30 th of every even–numbered year, ...

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Job Description and Salary Data for Development Engineers ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Most development engineering jobs have specialized titles, with the most common being Software Development Engineer. These engineers design, develop, and test a wide range of software. Biochemical Development Engineer: Designs and supports processes, instruments, and equipment related to the production of renewable energy made from organic ...

Chemical Software Job Description

Production Engineer Job Description and Salary Data

Posted: (52 years ago) The job description of a production engineer centers on production monitoring and evaluation. This task includes checking production rates in assigned fields, looking for wells with production concerns, and finding ways to improve production, while also taking into consideration safety and environmental issues.

Environmental Job Description

Description of Drilling Engineer Jobs and Salary Data

Posted: (52 years ago) Drilling engineer jobs are most often found in oil companies, specialist drilling contractors, or industrial service companies. Many engineers work onsite at oil and gas rigs, both on land (field drilling engineer) and offshore (deepwater drilling engineer). More experienced engineers may work in an office, planning wells and managing rig ...

Contract Industrial Job Description

Electrical Project Engineer Salary and Jobs

Posted: (52 years ago) Electrical Project Engineering Jobs. Here are some examples of actual job listings for electrical project engineers: Lead electrical design projects and provide support across multiple product and project engineering design teams; Provide product, application, and process knowledge for automation products, systems, projects, and custom software ...

Electrical Software Systems Job Description

Biomedical Engineering Career and Salary Information

Posted: (52 years ago) Biomedical engineering jobs are found in manufacturing, universities and medical schools, hospitals, research facilities, government regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device and testing companies. Biomedical engineers can choose to specialize their careers in areas such as.

Biomedical Manufacturing Job Description

Hawaii Engineering Degree | Engineering Graduate Programs ...

Posted: (52 years ago) In addition, there will be 62,000 jobs in 2018 that will require graduate degrees in Hawaii. Of those, 1,000 will be in engineering. Hawaii’s Department of Labor and Industrial Relations reported that there were 24,100 jobs in professional, scientific and technical services in Hawaii in 2011, and 24,200 jobs in 2012.

Industrial Graduate Job Description

How to Become an Engineer in Nebraska - NE | Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Engineering licenses are renewed every two years in Nebraska, and engineers must complete at least 30 actual hours of engineer-related learning to qualify for licensure renewal. ... and MSN Careers ranked Nebraska 3 rd in the nation for job seekers in 2011, ...

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Engineering Management Job Description Including Manager ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Engineering managers use their technical knowledge to plan, direct, or coordinate engineering activities and staff and their business knowledge to prepare budgets, hire staff, and supervise employees. They generally handle the day-to-day management of engineering resources. Engineering Manager Job Description

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Maine Engineering Degree | Engineering Graduate Programs ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Maine is just one of many states that have gradually shifted to higher-value industries, including the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) occupations. In fact, according to a 2010 report by the Maine Education Development Center, within the next decade it is estimated that one out of seven jobs in Main will be in STEM ...

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Graduate Studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering ...

Posted: (52 years ago) An April 2012 report by the congressional Joint Economic Committee entitled STEM Education: Preparing for the Jobs of the Future, stressed the fact that today’s global economy demands skilled STEM workers.Actively building a workforce that is skilled in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and math is critical to ensuring the U.S. continues to remain a …

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Chief Engineer Job Description Including Salary Data

Posted: (52 years ago) People with a marine engineering related degree can usually start out as a first assistant engineer. All the engineers working on a ship are called ship engineers, and their mean annual salary, as of May 2011, was $74,540, with 50 percent earning between $51,440 and $91,650, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other Chief Engineer Jobs

Marine Job Description

What is Manufacturing Engineering

Posted: (52 years ago) Manufacturing is such a long and involved process in the production of some goods that manufacturers are responsible for only a distinct part of the process. The initial stage of this system is the acquisition of the natural resource, which may entail mining, harvesting or other forms of collection. Most modern manufacturing processes require a certain level of purity in the initial material, so some purification or treatment is applied to the material before it reaches the i…

Applied Manufacturing Mining Job Description

What is Cost/Schedule Engineering?

Posted: (52 years ago) Sometimes, a schedule engineer focuses primarily on the scheduling of a project. However, another common job title is cost and schedule engineer (or a variant). Cost includes money, time, and other resources needed for a project and is an important part of the planning process. Cost, Planning, and Schedule Engineering Job Description

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Salary Trends in Industrial Engineering | Salaries

Posted: (52 years ago) According to the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the median 2010-2011 faculty salaries in industrial and manufacturing engineering were: $79,094 for an Assistant Professor $93,392 for an Associate Professor

Industrial Manufacturing Job Description

Electrical Engineer Job Description | Electrical ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Electrical engineering jobs usually require no less than a bachelor’s degree. While many jobs are open to engineers with an undergraduate education, getting a master’s degree expands an engineer’s technical knowledge, while often exposing the engineer to cutting-edge research, and opening up additional job opportunities.

Electrical Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Masters in Industrial Engineering | Graduate Degrees | Phd

Posted: (52 years ago) Although many jobs are available to industrial engineers with an undergraduate degree, getting a graduate degree gives engineers the opportunity to specialize in a particular area. Many research-oriented jobs and teaching positions require a graduate degree.

Industrial Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Graduate Degrees in Modeling and Simulation | Master's ...

Posted: (52 years ago) The master’s degrees offered by engineering schools are typically a Master of Engineering or a Master of Science (MS) in Modeling and Simulation (or in Modeling, Simulation and Visualization). Admission usually requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, math, or another technical area. Some programs focus in specific areas. For example, one program focuses on defense applications, software factory, intelligent systems, and large-scale compute…

Software Systems Job Description

Bioengineering Salary Trends and Expectations

Posted: (52 years ago) Bioengineering is reported to be the youngest of all engineering disciplines, yet it has already had a tremendous impact on a great number of people. This particular engineering subsector focuses mainly on improving the overall quality of patient healthcare and its effectiveness while working toward new technologies and solutions which will ...

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