List Of Best Paying Government Institutions In Kenya ,with

Jun 09, 2015  · KenGen also have nice perks.To get a job as an engineer at KenGen you will get at least Ksh 150,000..and when you accumulate some professional experience,you will earn more than Ksh 200,000. The payslips from Kenya Power show that graduate engineer earn at least Ksh140,000 while experienced engineers with more than 3 years of professional

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List of Companies that Employ Electrical Engineers in ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 11, 2020  · The salary of an electrical engineer range between Ksh70,000 and Ksh 300,000 per month, but there are some companies that pay more than Ksh500,000 every month. Here is the list of the companies to look for employment with a diploma or degree in electrical engineering:

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Engineering Jobs in Kenya,2018 | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mar 08, 2018  · Engineering Jobs in Kenya,2018. Job Title: Metallurgical Technician. A renowned gold refinery company is seeking to recruit a metallurgist technician to join their team of professionals. Key Deliverables. Responsible for coordinating daily operations of the metallurgy laboratory.

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Civil Engineering Job in Kenya,Salary over Ksh100,000 ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 19, 2018  · Civil Engineering Job in Kenya,Salary over Ksh100,000. January 19, 2018. 1852. Twitter. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Email. Telegram. Civil Engineer job in Kenya. JOB DESCRIPTION. Job Title: CIVIL ENGINEER. Summary of Role: Provide advice and support in constructional works and determining the most cost-effective delivery requirements.

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List of the Best 100 Companies to work for in Kenya in 2019

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Oct 22, 2019  · BrighterMonday,a human resource company based in Kenya, has released a list of top 100 best companies to work for in Kenya in 2019.The company ranks Safaricom at position 1 ,followed by The United Nations, which is a global institution.

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6 Highest Paying Careers in Kenya with Monthly Salary of ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Feb 05, 2018  · Software Engineer If you are gifted in developing apps and pursuing tasks related to software engineering, any company would be more than happy to have you on board.In our country, companies like IBM,Safaricom,CISCO ,Google and Microsoft employ highly talented software engineers and pay them up to Ksh 5 million per month.

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Several Vacant Positions at PSC Kenya ,Salary over 100K ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Feb 26, 2017  · CHIEF ENGINEER (AGRICULTURE) – TWO (2) POSTS – V/NO. 9/2017 Basic Salary Scale: Ksh.120, 270 – Ksh.180,660 p.m. – Job Group ‘S’ For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: served for a minimum period of three (3) years in the grade of Senior Principal Superintending Engineer (Agriculture), Job Group ‘R’ or in a ...

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Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya 2019 | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Nov 29, 2018  · Software Engineering is a relatively new career in Kenya but has taken the country by storm.the reason it’ well-paying is due to high demand for Apps and software engineering related products. If you’re lucky to secure employment in Safaricom, Airtel,Oracle,IBM and other top IT firms in Kenya,you’ll never miss to take home more than Ksh ...

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Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya:2020 and 2021 | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 03, 2020  · In a good month, a Software Engineer earns at least Ksh600,000. NGO Jobs; NGOs pay higher than government institutions. Those with degree courses make over Ksh 120,000 per month. If you manage to secure a job in the United Nations, you won’t earn less than Ksh 500,000 per month.

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8 Careers in Kenya Where You Can Earn More Than Ksh100 ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 14, 2018  · Jobs with targets are important for extroverts, who are fortunately in sales profession. Since employers don’t consider academic qualifications when promoting sales executives, it becomes easier for those in this line to earn more than degree holders. Mechanical Engineering; Mechanical engineering is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya.

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Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Recruitment2015- 1500 Job ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 03, 2015  · Must haνe a BSc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree and be registered with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB). (6) Mechanical Engineers Must haνe a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering or BSc. in Production Engineering degree and be registered with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB). (7) Marine Engineers

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Worst Engineering Courses in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mar 07, 2018  · While engineering courses look fancy, there are some programs you should avoid. Few decades ago, not even a single engineer could miss out on employment, but over time, things have changed. Today, competition for few available vacancies is at the peak, employment opportunities have shrunk and salaries have stagnated.

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Is Civil Engineering Marketable in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 11, 2020  · President Uhuru Kenya succeeded Kibaki, he also preferred foreign civil engineering companies over the local ones. It’s a common case that in a company of 100 people, only one local engineer can get employed by a Chinese company. At the moment, getting a job as a civil engineer …

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Best Paying Companies in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 24, 2016  · IBM is a technology company and one of the leading technology companies globally. If you possess skills in IT, computer engineering, programming or computer science and you land a job at IBM I assure you within no time you will earn not less than Ksh 250,000. BAT. British American Tobacco is also another well-paying institution in Kenya.

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Best and Highest Paying jobs and careers in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 04, 2015  · Starting salary for an Engineer in Kenya is Ksh 90,000 per month. 7. Finance/CFA. Financial Analysts are the best paid professionals in the entire world and Kenya is not exceptional. Though completing CFA professional papers is an uphill task, landing a well-paying job is very easy.

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Degree In Aeronautical Engineering in Kenya,Jobs and ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 04, 2017  · Aeronautical Engineering degree is one of the rare courses in Kenya. A career in aeronautical engineering has attractive pay, and also has numerous job opportunities. But what is aeronautical engineering? Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft.

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Degree Courses with the highest number of Job ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 03, 2018  · Since June 2016, we have received several emails concerning degree courses with the highest number of job opportunities. It’s time we summarily answer our readers based on the current employment dynamics and future prospects of each of the careers we are featuring in this article.

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Software Engineer Jobs and Salary in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 17, 2017  · United Nations also pays in the range of Ksh 300,000 while Safaricom pays an ordinary engineer Ksh150,000-Ksh220,000. From the figures above, you will notice that most of the companies pay software engineers at least Ksh 150,000.We therefore deduce that Ksh150,000 is the median pay for a software engineer in Kenya-this is after we factor in ...

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Marketable Engineering Courses in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 28, 2017  · Software Engineering. As I write this,software engineering is the most marketable engineering and IT course in the world.You will not go wrong by studying the course. Oil & Gas Engineering. Oil & Gas engineering is also another well-paying field in Kenya,though few companies afford to employ these professionals.

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Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Feb 12, 2016  · Armed with your diploma in Electrical engineering, your starting salary in Kenya Power will not be less than Sh 60,000.I personally know individuals working in Kengen, Kenya Power and other big companies who are paid over Sh 200,000, but they only pursued a diploma course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

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Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 22, 2017  · Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) is a rapidly growing institution situated along the Nyeri-Nyahururu road in Nyeri County. The university offers programmes at Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels and is currently operating two campuses namely the Main Campus along the Nyeri-Nyahururu Road, in Nyeri and Nairobi Campus at Pension Towers.

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MBA vs MSC Finance..Which is better? | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 03, 2017  · In MSC Finance, the courses are more technical and only suitable for graduates from statistics, actuarial science, real estate management, finance, mathematics and engineering. Job market. Who exactly between MBA and MSC Finance graduate is likely to secure employment faster?

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Computer Science v Software Engineering in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 19, 2017  · According to statistics, more than 80 % of software engineering fresh graduates secure job opportunities less than 6 months to graduation. Based on the same survey, more than 40 % of computer science graduates wait for at least 1 year to secure employment. This scenario explains why software engineering is more popular than computer science.

Computer Software Graduate Job Description

Is Mechanical Engineering One Of The Most Useless Degrees ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sep 27, 2016  · Job opportunities for mechanical engineers have shrunk to alarming levels despite local universities churning out thousands of graduates annually. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, whether from the University of Nairobi or from a local college, chances of getting a job …

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Top 10 Best Paying Parastatals in Kenya-Salaries | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Feb 18, 2017  · KenGen is responsible for power generation. The main skills required at KenGen include electrical engineering, oil and gas engineering, mechanical engineering, customer service, procurement and purchasing, civil engineering and sales & marketing. A graduate trainee at KenGen earns Ksh145,000-Ksh 180,000. Kenya Power

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Universities which produce the best graduates in Kenya ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) May 10, 2017  · Graduates from Moi University equally perform better in the job market due to a number of good courses offered at the University. Moi has some of the best courses in Kenya, they include: Medicine, Engineering, Statistic,Actuarial Science and Law. 11. Egerton University Egerton is situated in Njoro but it has branches in many Kenyan towns.

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Chances of getting a job in Kenya with a diploma ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 15, 2017  · Further on this, you have noticed that diploma holders in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Kenya are more respected than degree holders from Mount Kenya University. If the two graduates happen to enter interview room, one from TUK will floor the MKU graduate, simply because of competency and skills.

Electrical Graduate Job Description

Best Degree and Diploma courses to study in JKUAT | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) May 04, 2017  · Most of the courses;diploma,undergraduate,masters and PhD, in this university are in line with the requirements of Kenya’s job market, and there are some courses whose market is not saturated. Based on the current employment dynamics,here is a list of best degree programmes at JKUAT.

Undergraduate Graduate Job Description

Why Studying Civil Engineering Is Better Than Electrical ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mar 04, 2016  · To be honest, Civil Engineering is by far much better than Electrical Engineering because you can employ yourself when the hopes of getting a white collar job fade. A Civil Engineer can multi task, even do tasks believed to be for Electrical Engineers.

Civil Electrical Job Description

Students Shocked to Discover Their Maths Teacher Was a ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 02, 2018  · Italian University Students were shocked to discover their Mathematics Professor was a gay porn star. Ruggero Freddie, previously known as Carlos masi, teaches at la Sapienza University, in Rome, but played a very different role in his previous life.

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Best Degree/ Diploma Courses to Do To Get a Job at KDF ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 18, 2017  · KDF recruits annually and there are specific diploma and degree courses the disciplined force requires before they employ soldiers and specialists.

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Lowest paying careers in Kenya | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 11, 2016  · While Medicine, law, actuarial science and engineering are regarded as highest paying careers in Kenya, lowest paying jobs also dominate. If you have worked for an institution for at least 3 years and your salary is less than Ksh50, 000, then know from today you are in the worst career.

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Maasai Mara University Job Vacancies,March 2018 | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mar 02, 2018  · Maasai Mara University is a fast-growing public University located 2km from Narok Town, off the Narok-Bomet Road. The University invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill teaching positions in the areas of specializations listed under the various Schools.

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How Long Does it Take A Job Seeker To get a job in Kenya ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 05, 2017  · The most marketable courses, Medicine, real estate, statistics, law, piloting and civil engineering take job seekers shortest time to secure employment. Teaching, one of the worst paying careers in the country, takes graduates at least 3 years to secure meaningful jobs, the same case applies to economics, one of the most flooded courses in the ...

Civil Graduate Job Description

Careers That Pay Better Than Law, Medicine and Engineering ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 05, 2017  · Traditionally, Law, Medicine and Engineering were regarded as the highest paying careers, resulting to a scramble for the few opportunities in our universities. But as years elapsed, other careers emerged, which are even better than the three courses.

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Best Courses to Study at Makerere University | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) May 10, 2017  · Based on research we conducted in East Africa concerning what employers want from the job seekers in the modern world of the job market, we selected courses most preferred by employers as well as Human Resources Managers. ... • Bachelor Of Science In Telecommunications Engineering • Bachelor Of Science In Computer Engineering • Diploma In ...

Computer Telecommunications Job Description

Best and Marketable Courses in Uganda | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 03, 2017  · Civil Engineering is not old in the Uganda job market but the course has taken the market by storm. Since Uganda is developing, most companies require Civil Engineers to work in sites for accelerated results. Civil Engineering is marketable and more diverse because one can work in building roads, bridges, buildings and many other physical ...

Civil Job Description

Courses offered at Rift Valley Institute of Science and ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Oct 27, 2019  · Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Power (Module I, II & III) 1 Year per Module: January September: Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering- Telecommunication (Module I, II & III) 1 Year per Module: January / September: Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering- Instrumentation (Module I, II & III) 1 Year per Module

Electrical Electronics Job Description

ILRI NGO Data Innovations Specialist Job,Salary over ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 24, 2018  · Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an engineering discipline that combines software and systems engineering to build and run efficient, scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant systems. ILRI works to improve food and nutritional security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of ...

Software Systems Job Description

Best Professionals Certifications with Financial ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) May 29, 2017  · Financial Engineering degree is a course which is directly related to banking, stock market, real estate, investment and insurance. ... Pursuing this course, however, is not a guarantee that jobs will be waiting for you; you will hustle for available job opportunities with statisticians, actuaries, real estate professionals, financial analysts ...

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Tips for Selecting a marketable degree or diploma course ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Oct 21, 2019  · Nowadays jobs are becoming scarce as the number of graduates grow exponentially. The worst mistake a student would make is to study for a course that does not have the option of self-employment. A bad course is one that limits you, ignore it as much as possible. Courses like Journalism, Medicine, Law, Electrical Engineering.

Electrical Graduate Job Description

Best degree courses to study at Kisii University | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) May 09, 2017  · Kisii University is the only university in kisii.the institution offers several top courses,which include Law,Engineering and Actuarial Science.These top courses are ranked best in terms of job market. When it comes to educations, you should be careful what course you pursue since a marketable course could easily propel you to greatness.

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Railway Training Institute Kenya Courses and Fees ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) May 10, 2018  · There are two main faculties at RTI, they include: Faculty of Engineering & Technology and Faculty of Business, Logistics & TI. In 2018 and 2019, the following is a list of courses offered by the institution and also the fees structure for each semester.

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Top 30 Best Degree Courses to Study at The University of ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 15, 2017  · When joining the University of Nairobi, you definitely have to select the best degree course. Based on Kenya’s ever changing job market and what employers prefer in job seekers, we have a list of top 30 best degree courses to study at the best university in Kenya.

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A letter to Kenyan Graduates from a CEO | Venas News

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 24, 2019  · “Whether you got first class, second class, pass, whether you studied law, software engineering, production, chemical, actuarial, education… THERE ARE NO JOBS. The first thing you need to do as a graduate is to separate yourself from that sense of entitlement, that thinking that you deserve the best because you worked hard in school.

Chemical Software Graduate Job Description

The best degree course to study in Kenya between ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 04, 2016  · Civil and electrical engineering are among the best degree courses in Kenya, but there is one that’s more superior to the other. Considering the current employment trends in the country, it is wise to pursue a course that will not only assure you of job opportunities but …

Civil Electrical Job Description

Best University Degree Courses for Women in the World ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 17, 2017  · Next article Software Engineer Jobs and Salary in Kenya. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. Amount of Money Helb Gives to Diploma, Degree and Masters Students. TVET Loans Application Procedure and Requirements. Actuarial Science Entry Requirements in Kenya. 100 Most Marketable Courses in Kenya 2021.

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NGO Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant jobs in Kenya,Salary ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sep 19, 2018  · Job Summary: The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Assistant is responsible for supporting the Senior Monitoring &Evaluation Officer in his/her activities in managing M&E for the program, ensuring accurate and valid data collection processes, overseeing and undertaking data entry, and ensuring that essential and ongoing monitoring data are properly accounted for.

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